The meat-free Burger King Whopper

Here is the impossible Whopper coming to St. Louis.
The Impossible Burger Comes to Burger King

If you're not a fan of White Castle sliders, then what about a Whopper with a plant-based patty? It is the latest project from the Impossible Burger, debuting Impossible Whopper in Missouri. Will it go elsewhere? I hope so.

The only question left is how much you want to cost.
Kia put great reach and technology in its Soul EV

Kia upgraded the longer range electric Soul, upgraded technology and a design that looked like it was drawn from The Empire Strikes Back. After experiencing the gas version, the high level of quality is no surprise, but Roberto Baldwin does not expect how good it is. With its 64kWh battery pack under the seats, the low center of gravity reduces the crossover's body roll and provides lively driving.

You know you love to read about routers.
TP-Link's new network WiFi system is great in range and low cost

For $ 180 you get a three-pack white cylindrical WiFi hub that can cover up to 5,500 square feet of space. Aside from being cheaper than Amazon's owned Eero, Samsung and Google, TP-Link is also promising usability. Knowing that it will likely attract beginners at this entry level price level, says the setup is a breeze using the Deco app for iOS or Android – which can help you find the best place to put Deco nodes around your pillow. [19659004] WHO IN PEACE Inbox.
Gmail continues to define email 15 years on

On April 1, 2004, Google debuted a product that was definitely not a joke: Gmail. It was a service that revolutionized webmail, so much so that it has become an integral part of our daily lives. Nicole Lee takes a look at where it has been (remember the invitations?) And where it can go, beyond upgrades such as scheduled email delivery times.

The time for an upgrade?
Valves Index VR Headset Shipped June 15 [19659015] Although the valve did not provide live details about the index, it turned out that the headset would include its own headphones. It also looks like you have the option of buying separate base stations and Knuckles motion controllers (now Valve Index Controllers) on top of any possible bundles. After Steam leaked the release date, Valve confirmed to Engadget that it will be revealed in May and begin delivering June 15.

Remember the old one? It's just like that.
Huawei MateBook X Pro Review (2019)

Huawei has delivered the smallest of step-by-step updates to its winning MateBook X Pro. It offers a blend of good looks and power, but it is expensive but offers enough shallow for professionals who need an ultraportable.

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