Instead of fearing the day, he has to move into a nursing home, a Texas man plans to live his "golden age" with frugal style.

Nearly 100,000 Facebook users have already shared Terry Robison's retirement strategy to stay in multiple Holiday Inn hotels to save money, get better service, and see the world.

"This is AWESOME !! must share," a user commented.

While the average nursing home costs $ 188 a day, Robison wrote that reservations in the hotel chain cost $ 59.23 per night with both a long-term stay and a senior discount. Factor in free breakfast and happy hour and Robison calculated that would leave $ 1

28.77 per day for food and entertainment.

Not enough, Robison Holiday Inns said a spa, swimming pool, fitness room, laundry room and a lounge. Of course, free shampoo, soap, toothpaste and razor will also provide savings.

Securing a room in the right nursing home can take months, but Robison said that reservations for quality customer service can be made now.

"$ 5 worth of tips a day, and you will get the whole staff talking to help you," said Robison. "They treat you like a customer, not a patient."

The hotel staff will fix any problems from light bulbs to mattresses, Robison said and apologize for the inconvenience. A night security guard will keep an eye on and a housekeeper will check in daily.

And, Robison said the staff would "call an ambulance … or undertaker" if anything goes wrong.

With more than 1100 Holiday Inn locations, Robison said he can travel where he wants to, a local change of scenery and social opportunities is also available with airport shuttle, church bus or city bus.

And family visit? No problem "Robison will always be happy to find you, and probably check in for a few days of mini-vacation," he wrote. "Kids can use the pool."

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