The machinist union voted to accept a new contract offer from Spirit

It has several changes from the offer workers overwhelmingly rejected last week.

For Cornwell, the biggest change was “No overtime. It was really the sticking point that was going to try to make it compulsory on Saturdays. So it was a problem for a lot of people.”

The new deal also keeps members’ health plans the same as the previous deal, another big issue. General pay is guaranteed to increase by 20% over the 4 year contract, with cost of living adjustments increased to a maximum of 3.5%. Members will also receive a $3,000 ratification bonus.

“Our union, you know, they supported it. Then I read up on the IM app and I think it’s a good decision,” said another union member Jacob Rucker.

Although there is more support for this contract, it took a lot to reach a 50% majority for it to take effect. Just under 80% of the union̵[ads1]7;s members voted against the latter. Both Rucker and Cornwell believe that made it a close vote.

“It’s going to be a debate between the guys who have been here a long time,” Rucker says. “We understand why they want to strike and do what’s best for you know, best for their family and stuff, but what’s best for me and my family is to come to work.”

Rucker says, “A lot of people feel like I do, while people feel the other way, they still want better, they want more.”

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