The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and the Omicron variant

From January 17 to 23, Covid-19 cases increased 5% compared to the previous week with over 21 million new cases reported, the World Health Organization said in its Covid-19 Weekly Epidemiological Update published on Tuesday.

“In the six WHO regions, over 21 million new cases were reported, representing the highest number of weekly cases recorded since the beginning of the pandemic,” the update said.

Case increases were slower than last week, the WHO said, with only half of the six WHO regions reporting an increase in new cases, compared with five of six reporting a week earlier.

The largest increase was in the Eastern Mediterranean region, 39%, followed by the Southeast Asia region, 36% and the European, 1[ads1]3%. The western Pacific region reported a similar number of cases as the week before. Decline was reported in the African region, 31%, and the region in America, 10%.

The United States reported the highest number of new cases, followed by France, India, Italy and Brazil.

There have been over 346 million confirmed Covid-19 cases globally as of January 23rd.

The number of reported deaths, almost 50,000, was the same as the week before.

Three WHO regions reported increases in deaths, the Southeast Asia region, 44%, the Eastern Mediterranean region, 15% and the Americas region, 7%. The remaining three regions reported declines in new weekly deaths.

The United States also reported the highest number of new deaths, followed by Russia, India, Italy and the United Kingdom.

As of January 23, more than 5.5 million deaths have been reported worldwide.

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