The holiday return is different this year

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Between widespread shipping problems and the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic (again), the Christmas shopping season 2021 was not without challenges. Online retailers have once again made shopping safer and more convenient this year, but what happens when the gifts are given and someone needs to be returned or exchanged? Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to vacationing this year.

Check the return guidelines carefully

Previously, it was safe to assume that most stores had a 30-day return policy, but over the past two years, thanks to the pandemic, many retailers have expanded their stores. The only way to know is to check their return policy, either on a gift receipt or the retailer’s website.

Items purchased by third-party sellers – including those sold on sites such as Amazon – may have their own separate return policies and dates, so be aware of these as well, Consumer Reports provides advice.

Edge yield can be an alternative

Stores that offer pick-up at the front can also service for returns. But do not assume that this is always the case: be sure to check with your dealer before taking a special trip there for that purpose.

Please note the cost of return shipping

Just because your gift was sent to you does not mean you can send it back for free. The person who returns or exchanges is often responsible for the shipping costs. On the other hand, the following dealers send prepaid shipping labels with purchases, such as makis the return process a little easier:

Refunds may take longer

With some things working a little slower than usual right now, it should be expected that the same will be the case for returns. This means that sending something back to a retailer may take some time, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady. And Tthe longer it takes for the returned item to reach them, the longer it takes for them to refund you.

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