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The end of a return-to-office date

“We decided as a management team, ‘what was magical about these dates?'” Said Anas. “It was extremely liberating to say, ‘We’ll see how this goes, and we’ll not solve a date.’

She is worried about the possibility that they will continue to work from home in March, two years since they first packed their desks. But with growing coronavirus infections, Anas is relieved that the company does not have to consider the benefits of an early return in 2022, leaving workers anxiously awaiting updates.

“If we had kicked the box by January, they would have been fixated on it,”[ads1]; she said. “We keep the focus on the work. This is just a distraction. “

For many organizational leaders, addressing the concerns of their workforce has been the only constant in the RTO process.

With the proliferation of Delta, Jessica Saranich, who runs US operations at the productivity software company, received a ton of notes from colleagues: Will we really return to the office in August? Last month brought the news of Omicron, with a new set of questions: What does this mean for the gathering outside the venue in January, with the promise of free food, a party and a Miami DJ? Saranich’s team has delayed its return to the office three times, which has led some employees to request more duration in the company’s guidelines.

“Sometimes our team will say just make a decision, choose something, get us back in the office or make us remote,” Saranich said. “But it’s not something we want to rush. Being able to lean into the discomfort and say we do not know is a great gift we can give to our team.”

Nevertheless, many organizations aiming for an early return in 2022 have not shaken.

Express Employment Professionals, a staffing provider in Oklahoma City, aims to bring half of its 300 workers back to their newly renovated headquarters on January 15. The company had originally reopened the office in July in a phased re-entry plan, which was temporarily scaled down in September. Keith McFall, chief operating officer, feels that clear RTO dates act as a force for stability for workers navigating months of tumult.

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