The Elizabeth Holmes profile reportedly caused an uproar in the New York Times

According to a Vanity Fair report Wednesday, writers at the journal were questioned about the profile and how it came about during a packed all-hands meeting the day Holmes’ stint in federal prison began.

In the profile, Times writer Amy Chozick seems sympathetic to her subject to the point of total flattery—like many critics pointed out. She admitted to being “rolled” by her subject while describing her as “modest but fascinating” and “gentle and charismatic, in a quiet way” between anecdotes about roaming the San Diego Zoo with Holmes̵[ads1]7; family and drinking” antioxidant smoothies.” the “Bonnie and Clyde”-esque details of her romance with California hotel heir Billy Evans and, of course, the events that led to Holmes’ conviction.

Ellen Pollock, the Times’ business editor (who serves as a character in the Holmes profile), defended the recipe, reportedly saying she didn’t “give a damn” about the backlash when asked about the controversy. Pollock confirmed anything but the sentiment in an email to Vanity Fair writer Charlotte Klein, saying her mother would be “horrified to hear that I cursed in public.”

Others pointed out the apparent contradiction of the Times announcing that it hired John Carreyrou, the reporter who exposed Theranos’ mistakes to the Wall Street Journal, just months before the softball profile was reported. (The announcement of Carreyrou’s hiring was also apparently delayed to ensure that Holmes would speak with Chozick.)

Carreyrou, as well as star Times correspondent Erin Griffith, both read the piece, according to Vanity Fair. Both must have disliked it.

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