The Dow rally has started to fish out

Shares opened modestly higher on Monday, but have had a downward trend. The major indices just recorded two down consecutive weeks, and Nasdaq Composite ( COMP ) is on track to complete the quarter in the red.
Chinese officials are expected in Washington in early October for the next round of trade talks, but investors are wary. Last week, news reported that the White House was discussing whether to restrict flows from Chinese investors to the US threw markets for a loop.
For the quarter, Dow ( INDU ) rose by a modest 1.1%, after rising 2.6% in the previous quarter and 1[ads1]1% in the first quarter three months of 2019.
Like Dow, S&P 500 ( SPX ) is also on track for a gain of 1.1% in the third quarter, after rising 3.8% in the previous three months and 13% at the start of the year.

Nasdaq, which is heavy on technology stocks particularly sensitive to the global downturn exacerbated by the trade war, fell 0.4% between July and September, compared to a 3.6% increase in other quarters and a 16.5% rise in the first three months of the year. [19659009] For all three indices, which recorded high record highs in July, the third quarter will be the worst since late last year. [19659010] One piece of good news for investors: The impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump, which was launched last week on Tuesday, has had little impact on the market.

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