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The Dow could turn a new record day today. Stock futures are up Dow could be "thousands of points" higher if "the Fede had got it right",

On Friday's end, Dow was 0.4%, or 109 points out of his record. According to tweet by President Donald Trump. The president has long criticized the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates, which he believes are an obstacle to US growth.

Stocks seem unfazed by the increased tension between the US and Iran on Monday morning. Washington is expected to announce new sanctions against Iran, as Trump tweeted on the weekend. Last week, Iran knocks down an American drone in the international airspace.

The Spanish tensions keep oil prices higher.

Last week, US oil futures jumped over 9%. Early Monday, futures are up 0.6%, at $ 57.77 a barrel. In a tweet Trump said, although many countries rely on oil from the region, "we don't even need to be there because the United States right now has become the largest producer of energy anywhere in the world!" 19659006] Gold remains a hot commodity. Geopolitical concerns, combined with a weaker US dollar, give the metal safety hall a significant boost. Having steered the wheel more than 4% last week, gold futures have increased by 1% to 1,409,70 a ounce.

Gold broke the $ 1,400 level late last week, marking nearly six years high.

For the coming week, it will be all about the G20 summit in Japan for market researchers, when Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet and talk at the top of the summit.

Although no agreement is reached immediately, their meeting could set the tone for the next phase of the merchant spear.

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