The deal in San Francisco ends Nationwide Marriott Strikes

Under old rules of employment, if an employee accused a guest of sexual harassment, he or she could only assure himself of avoiding contact with that person for a day. Now employees can not have any contact with the guest, said Mrs Gumpert. And if there is a "credible report of inappropriate sexual behavior or unwanted sexual advances", the hotel will expel the guest, she said. 19659003] Housekeepers also get reduced workload that increases over the lifetime of the contract, especially if they have more rooms that do not receive daily housekeeping as part of Marriott's "Make a Green Choice" program. The initiative, billed as an environmental option, offers loyalty points to guests who refuse daily room cleaning. The caretaker had complained that it was disturbing the schedule for deep cleaning and that they were at risk of injury while trying to get through the heavy work in all their assigned rooms, no matter how many they had previously been pulled from the daily cleaning pool, Mrs Gumpert said.

While the economic conditions varied by city, the sexually harassment agreement entered into in all contracts, as it is a clause that allows non-violent drug workers to get voluntary jobs, a confirmation of the effects of mass arrest on low-income workers. There is also a nationwide plan to bring Marriott officials and trade union representatives together to discuss automation at hotels, "said Mrs Gumpert.

Ms. Carumba, like many housekeepers, had worked for another job to get the end to meet, cleaning a laundry for three hours each day.

"I'll be able to take care of my children now because I do not have to go to work another job," she said.

Strike in San Francisco was especially confrontational and more than 100 unions were arrested since it began on 4 October. Mr. Singh was arrested twice for civil disobedience.

"I believe that this campaign and the contract we achieved sets the standard in San Francisco and it demonstrates that militant action in today's economy, even with large employers, can handle real successes," said Mr. Singh. "We certainly hope that it paves the way for settlements in our industry and in other industries. "

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