The best Super Bowl party supplies that can be found on Amazon

One of the most affordable ways to transform your space into a party room is to start with the table.On Amazon, you can get two football-theme tablecloths for $8.

Each measures a decent 72 inches by 54 inches and is made from plastic to keep your table safe from spillages. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on wall art if you choose large pieces like a vintage pennant.

It will draw attention when placed around the food table and get everyone exciited to cheer on the Bengals 

Putting a large poster on the wall is the equivalent of having a Step and Repeat board.Guests will be drawn to it and use it as a backboard for photos.

Excellent value at $11.19 including pins, the corners have holes for the pins so you can easily stick it into a wall and remove when you’re done with no fuss or damage.

The large size means that it covers a lot of wall space so that you won’t need to spend as much on balloons and garlands. 

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