The bad news of the vector is Oprah's bad news


Oprah Winfree's Weight Watchers investment slimmed down – at least on paper Wednesday morning. Stocks fell 36% to $ 18.90 after trading began on the company's news the previous day as 2019 is out to a disappointing start and costs $ 58 million of Oprah's value. (This year's start is a key funding time for healthcare companies.) Don't feel too bad for her, though. Fortune notes that she is worth an estimated $ 3.5 billion, and Winfrey's 1[ads1]0% share of the company was acquired in 2015 for $ 6.79 per share, so her stock has tripled in value. But at one time it was worth a lot, much more: The 52-week height is $ 105.73. Stocks are currently trading at $ 19.80.

USA Today's takes: "The company rebranded as WW in 2018 with Winfrey's blessing, aiming to ride a wave of interest in well-being and natural ingredients. But the pivot from a clear focus on weight loss can be atomization. "They are engaging Oprah as part of a turnaround effort, with the AP reporting the company hoping to up the subscriber count in the spring. CEO Mindy Grossman said shareholders Oprah will "play a key role in our upcoming television and digital marketing campaign." (Read more Oprah Winfrey stories.)

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