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Thai Airways flight slightly damaged in Paris airport

An A380 by Thai Airways International at Suvarnabhumi Airport. A plane of the same type was slightly damaged on the ground in Paris on Wednesday. (Bangkok Post Image)

An Airbus A380 by Thai Airways International was slightly damaged when it was cut off a vehicle that brought meals to the plane at Charles de Gaulle airport on Wednesday.

The airline said that there was minor damage to a wing and fly TG931, scheduled to leave for Suvarnabhumi airport from Paris at. 1[ads1] pm local time was canceled.

The aircraft transported more than 400 passengers and crew. The crew returned to the hotel and some passengers were transferred to other airlines by air to Bangkok.

The damage was repaired and the security checks were to be carried out before the aircraft was put into service, said the airline's statement.

The remaining passengers fly back to Thailand on the same flight when it was cleared. They are expected to return on Thursday.

"Thai Airways International will enter into a process of financial compensation for the damage caused by the food supplier," the airline said.

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