Tesla's store closure plans are explained in an email to employees

Tesla stores with less than the stars will have the opportunity to shape themselves before they close.

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A few weeks ago, we received news from Tesla that it was planning to close all of its retail business operations so that only a few physical sites allowed people to come and experience their cars.

So shortly after the announcement, Tesla issued another statement that would only close some of its retail locations but at that time it was not clear how Big T planned to decide which of their cars would stay and that would be closed.

Well, according to a report published Wednesday by Business Insider, Elon Musk sent all Tesla employees an email explaining that good-value stores would "definitely not close" and what would not have "I met the expectations would get a short period to rectify things before it is on the chopping block.

None of it is rocket science, of course, but it can have a profound influence on Tesla's retail staff. A little bit of job security goes a long way. [1[ads1]9659005] Still, but the decision to keep their stores open means that Tesla must go back with the price decline, planning on pushing them with a further three percent put into effect at the beginning of April

Tesla did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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