Tesla's seat sky – The home of Tesla's cloud-like seat


Posted on April 22, 2019 |

by Zachary Shahan

22. April 2019 by Zachary Shahan

If you've ever driven in a Tesla vehicle with the company's white vegan leather seats, you were probably impressed. They are as soft as a cloud. They are as white as Conan O & # 39; Bri's grandmother (I guess). Beyond the smooth surface they are so cushy you feel like you just sat on the marshmallow man. And on a cold day, they will bowl bowls faster than a looney roadrunner can climb into a mountain.

They are nice.

(The blacks are also good by the way. But the whites are on another level.)

Some people don't care about seats. To these people I say – be awakened ! Seats are half the experience of riding a car. Be aware of what you are going to sit on for many years of your life before picking up a cool $ 40,000 on a boring vehicle. (You may also want to rethink thousands of dollars on a boring vehicle and go with a fun place, but that's another story.)

I knew some things about Tesla seats before going on a Tesla seat factory tour last month. I knew I loved them, I knew there were black and white options, and I knew they were vegans. I learned soooooo much more at Tesla's one-of-a-kind and "second-to-none" seat factory, and I'm sure I will see this topic repeatedly.