Tesla's new Autopilot computer is only at 5% capacity, current 2.5 at ~ 80%

Now that Tesla's new Full Self-Driving computer is in production, CEO Elon Musk identified the capacity of the current generation against the new, more powerful computer.

When Tesla introduced its second generation computer for Autopilot back in 2016, Musk confirmed that Tesla began reaching the limit of the first generation hardware.

They could introduce new features to the system, but they could still make some incremental improvements to the existing features.

We start to see the same situation that happens on other generation hardware that Tesla brings the third generation to production.

Last week, Tesla confirmed that the new full-featured driver computer is in production, and vehicles delivered in recent weeks appear to have the new computer.

Now Musk says that Tesla's current software takes about 5% of the data sheet on the new computer:

] That compares to ~ 80% of the capacity of cars equipped with Autopilot 2.5 computers – something that means that it starts to reach its capacity.

Of course, it also depends on the redundancy level.

For example, Musk explained how they handle redundancy with the new FSD computer:

"Two independent system-on-chip architectures, where each SoC has two NN accelerators that can perform simultaneous health control calculations to protect against a soft mistake. " [19659013] Musk says that when Tesla improves its software over the year and gets closer to the full capacity of the latest generation Autopilot computer, the automaker will begin offering the retrofit free of charge to owners who purchased the Full Self-Driving package.

The CEO also confirmed that Tesla's mobile service team will be able to install the new computer without owners having to go to their local service center.

Electrek's Take

I've been saying it for a while: The computer inside the vehicles is going to be one of the most important aspects of a car with the advent of self-propelled systems.

It will be important for automakers to have the latest and most powerful computing technology available in their vehicles.

I'm glad Tesla was one of the first car manufacturers to understand it and implement it.

Now I'm a little worried about the retrofit. There will be hundreds of thousands of retrofits, and it will be an incredible workload.

For over 6 months, I have a Model 3 performance that will have a brand and spoiler installed by Tesla's mobile service team and it hasn't yet happened. I can't imagine how long it will take if they also have to add a supercomputer to the list.

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