Tesla’s NACS is enjoying a domino effect as EV charging companies adopt the standard

Tesla’s connector, now known as the North American Charging Standards (NACS), really lives up to its name as the GM announcement sets off a domino effect with EV charging station companies now adopting the standard.

When GM CEO Mary Barra and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced their collaboration for General Motors to integrate NACS as the connector in its future electric vehicles, they basically declared that the connector is now the new standard in North America.

They have a good case for that considering it’s already the most popular plug-in thanks to how big Tesla’s fleet is alone, and now with Ford and GM on board, it’ll be hard to stop.

We expect a domino effect to take place and all other car manufacturers and charging station companies operating in North America will announce that they will adopt NACS.

It has already started with Flo, a Quebec-based EV charging station company with over 90,000 chargers, announcing that it will offer NACS at its charging stations and “supports wider use” of the standard.

Commenting on the announcement, FLO’s Chief Product Officer Nathan Yang said:

FLO welcomes initiatives to standardize charging hardware in North America because we believe it will help eliminate confusion for EV drivers. Ultimately, the increased use of the NACS standard is related to both its widespread adoption by EV drivers and the reliability of stations that currently offer NACS. FLO is an industry leader in reliability, offering an uptime of over 98%. With our goal of delivering the best EV charging experience for users, we are committed to supporting the technologies and standards our drivers want to use.

EVgo had announced that it would also add NACS connectors to its charging stations even before Tesla opened up the standard.

Now we expect other charging station companies to make similar announcements as soon as today and more to come in the coming weeks.

The dominoes are falling.

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