Tesla's complete self-propelled future and what could mean in some wild scenarios

12. July 2019 by Chanan Bos

Elon Musk shook up Twitter a bit this week. Some fans got worried Tesla would stop selling cars at some point, but the core point was simply that the value of Tesla cars will go a lot when Full Self Driving is implemented. Elon made it clear that what he meant was that the price would go up considerably.

In response, I was primarily to share as I felt like Tesla backstabbed Society with this news, as this would effectively mean that a large part of the Tesla community, including me even, who cannot yet afford the car, will never experience the pleasure of one day picking up their own Tesla in the shop / service center one day. Then I began to crush the numbers, and suddenly sadness was replaced by excitement. If you have also felt a little down at this news, this may encourage you. Everything began with Elon's answer to this tweet:

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