Tesla will unveil its "cyberpunk" electric pickup on November 21

Musk presented the truck at Tesla's annual shareholders meeting in June. He suggested that Ford's F-1[ads1]50, which Musk called a "great truck," is a bit of a target for Tesla's own vehicle (Ford also works with an electric version of it.)

Cybertruck has been designed to "meet or If the F-150 can do it, a Tesla truck should be able to do it. "Musk suggested it has a bold" cyberpunk "design," as if it came out of a sci -fi movie. " It looks like the rest of us will find out if it's accurate in a couple of weeks.

Musk also noted the disclosure date is "strangely known." After all, the classic cyberpunk movie Blade Runner is set for Los Angeles in November 2019.

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