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Tesla (TSLA) stock price rallies today after Elon Musk claims to delete Twitter

share price Tesla (TSLA) jumped over 4% today to keep the momentum of a recovery after a tough start to the year. The latest increase comes after Elon Musk claimed he was deleting his Twitter account.

The stock was down 46% last year before a turnaround last week added nearly $ 40 to the price per share.

The car manufacturer was helped by a strong shareholder meeting and indications that demand-side reports are false, and Tesla may be heading for a record quarter in deliveries.

But it was last week.

On Monday, Tesla's share went on another Major rally without any important news being released this weekend.

However, CEO Elon Musk sent a number of strange tweets and later said he "just deleted" his Twitter account :


He made the statement after receiving a little Hot on Twitter to post a drawing without crediting the artist and refusing to do so when asked.

Some wonder that Musk's announcement that he is leaving Twitter is the reason behind Tesla's stockpile today.

Musk's use of Twitter has been a tool to help Tesla in the past by reaching a large audience to promote their products and correct misleading media reports, but it has also got him in trouble and probably negatively impacted Tesla. 19659003] Most especially when the SEC went after him for tweets about bringing Tesla private and Tesla's production rate.

While Musk said he deleted his Twitter account, it's not exactly accurate. His account is still active and he can continue to post it. He just changed the username to & # 39; Daddy DotCom & # 39 ;.

Electrek's Take

I doubt that Elon is serious about deleting his Twitter account. Was refusing to give credit strange? Yes. Should he delete his account for that? Probably not.

While I agreed, there were some periods when Elon slipped on Twitter and probably negatively impacted Tesla through his comments there, I think his use of social media has been most beneficial to Tesla. [19659003] What do you think?

In my opinion, when using his account to talk about Tesla's product and technology, it's always extremely positive.

To some extent, it is also useful for him to use it to remove misleading things said in the media about the company, but I think this too often becomes an attack and negativity.

My two late is that he should only use his account to spread positivity about Tesla and his other companies and not focus on the negative thing. It will go away over time when Tesla succeeds.

What do you think? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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