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Tesla (TSLA) pops among analysts' expectations for positive Q2 Model 3 deliveries

The Tesla share (NASDAQ: TSLA) popped on Monday after a positive note from JMP Securities analyst Joseph Osha, who stated that the electric car manufacturer could have delivered over 40,000 Model 3 in the US during the second quarter. The upward movement of the TSLA also came in the midst of a bearish note from the long-standing skeptic Colin Langan of UBS, who recently doubled its pessimistic attitude on the company.

In a report published on Monday morning, the JMP Securities analyst said he expects Tesla to report model 3 deliveries of about 43,000 vehicles in the second quarter, which is nearly double the first quarter in the US, and roughly in line with the company's forecasts. The JMP Securities analyst estimates Tesla's total deliveries in Q2 201[ads1]9 to around 97,000 cars, "with all the upside coming from model 3 volume."

This is far beyond what other analysts cover TSLA, whose average estimates for the second quarter are currently at 88,000 vehicle deliveries. When it comes to concerns about how Tesla could increase the model 3 figures after its lower than expected production in Q1 2019, Osha said there seems to be some disconnection. "In general, we believe that the street underestimates the pace of recovery in Model 3 demand in the US, and also doesn't expect a full quarter of Model 3 exports," he wrote.

JMP Securities analyst Joseph Osha currently maintains $ 347 price targets and a Market Outperform rating for TSLA stock.

Osha's forecasts are against those of long-standing TSLA bear Colin Langan of UBS. In a recent note, Langan lowered its target for Tesla once more, arguing that it "seems possible" that the electric car manufacturer will report revenue of around 87,000 cars in the second quarter. Langan maintained its sales status on the stock in the note, and gave the company a price target of $ 160. "We expect losses in the second half to increase as supplies are likely to soften, and the impact of pricing actions continues to weigh on margins," Langan said.

In a look at CNBC s Trading Nation on Friday, the analyst stated that he expects losses in the second half. "We remain very cautious, especially when going to the second half of the year. Consensus has them earning a profit. With weak deliveries and this consistent margin pressure, we expect losses in the second half," he said.

For Tesla & # 39; s last rally, which saw the company recover about 18% over the past four weeks, Langan believes that the uprising was simply due to the impending phase use of the $ 3,750 tax credit for Tesla buyers. "You must realize that on July 1, you will have another one about $ 1900 phase down of US energy tax credit. So, you actually have something to highlight this month as people come in front of it. I think the demand is likely to get rid of more than people expect, "he said. , its affiliates or subsidiaries owned owned about 1% or more Tesla shares as last month, according to a report from CNBC .Throughout the long-term bearish attitude of UBS analyst Colin Langan, this detail is quite Notable.

Tesla completed another quarter at the end of the quarter, which meant that company employees pressed hard to deliver as many cars as possible in the last few weeks in June, leaked emails from Elon Musk in weeks and days which led to the second quarter, suggested that the electric car manufacturer was close to its goal of delivering more than 90,000 cars in the 2nd quarter Analysts asked by FactSet However, Tesla expects to report a total of 91,000 vehicle deliveries, including 74,100 model 3 in the second quarter.

As written, the TSLA share trades + 2.43% at $ 228.89 per share.

Information: I do not have ownership of TSLA shares and have no plans to start any positions within 72 hours.

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