Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory on track to produce cars as early as September

27. April 2019 by Kyle Field

Teslas Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China, is on track to roll the first Model 3 of the production lines in September this year. Tencent News reported the case and noted that September was the measurement date, but the new factory would throw out cars by the end of 2019, according to their source.

The update comes In support of Tesla's CEO Elon Musk's comments earlier this week in Revenue Room Q1 2019, the company is on its way to reaching volume production at the end of this year of 1,000 cars per week or even 2000 cars per week. The 100% margin of error in his estimates speaks to one of the challenges that Musk speaks about regularly: Don't predict the end production speed, but the speed at a particular time, as the production hits the typical production ramp up the S curve.

The source also noted that Tesla has 10 employees on site to monitor the construction of what is probably the most monitored construction site in the world. Once completed, Gigafactory 3 will apparently have four primary operating areas, including: stamping press, body shop, paint shop and general assembly. In addition to these core car manufacturing activities, the new Gigafactory will include sales and R&D features.

The new Gigafactory is the first car factory in Tesla's history outside Fremont Automotive Factory in the California Bay Area (unless the company begins to build model Y in Nevada). It is also a milestone for Shanghai which, according to Tencent News represents "largest foreign investment in Shanghai history", which will eventually produce ~ 500,000 full electric cars per year.

The update also presented an accompanying video showing the progress of Shanghai Gigafactory as it went from "vegetable field to factory" in just 108 days. The original breakthrough was just a few months back on January 7, and here we are, just under four months later, and the factory is almost completely built. Granted, it's not finished yet, and the inside of the factory is next, but progress is undeniable. Only in recent weeks has the factory begun to take shape, revealing some of the developments inside the shell at the factory.

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk said on the company's Q1 2019 investor fund earlier this week that the company wanted source batteries for the new Gigafactory from several vendors, but refused to specify specific vendors. The question of whether or not battery production should be done internally was not investigated and remains and outstanding issues for the new Gigafactory.

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