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Published on May 31, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

31. May 2019 by Zachary Shahan

I have a couple of little girls. With young girls, I now realize that unicorns are a much larger part of life on earth than I once thought. They may be the most common fantasy creatures other than fairies. In fact, with all the propaganda around unicorns, I wouldn't hold it against you if you thought they really lived on earth, somewhere in Siberia or something.

Although the important thing to remember, like an adult, is that the unicorns are actually not real. Outside of color books, stuffed animals, cartoons, young fantasy, etc., there are no unicorns. I want to come back to why this is important in a moment.

It should probably not surprise anyone who even many adults like to engage in fantasies about what exists and what does not exist. There are robust industries based on fantasies – the film industry, the TV / Netflix industry, the video game industry, the literature, and so on. Some political campaigns are built around imagination. We know that raving about what is not real is interesting. But what we are probably much less aware of is that there are many adults, businesses and even industries that focus on making you think something does not exist exist actually exists


The coal industry or nuclear industry wants you to think that it is not very efficient, cost-competitive, reliable solar panels and wind turbines, as an example relevant to this website.

The biggest example of this, from my perspective, concerns Tesla.

Before I get into it, however, it is important to realize that not only a specific group of people or a a industry it is afraid of Tesla and trying to keep it from succeed. There are several major industries and special interests that are afraid of Tesla's success. I think the best feature of those I've seen is here: The Tesla Smear. Fear is a powerful motivator, and there is much fear out there about what Tesla means to the future.

Many of these people or groups are very eager to tell you that Tesla will come to nothing, that its death is just around the corner, that the Tesla story is about hype, and the illogical hype will soon crash. These allegations are a mixture of tragic hope, business or political messaging, and desperate attempts to create the future you want just by claiming it will be the future (attempting self-fulfilling prophecies).

Okay fine, everything good and good – do whatever you can. However, I find that one type of assertion in this war of communication is truly sensational in its dishonesty – it's shocking at the level of Don Cons's incessant and incredible lies. It is similar to someone who consistently tries to tell you that unicorns really exist. .

This kind of claim reappeared and triggered this article thanks to some anonymous comments in discussion threads during some of my recent articles. You can also routinely find it on Twitter and in other popular Tesla discussion forums. The claim is that Tesla has not done anything, does not deliver, has only had negligible sales, has not achieved anything remarkable in terms of car manufacturing and delivery, is not a real car manufacturer and has definitely had no impact on the automotive industry or other car manufacturers' sales. You know, there are still only a few people, basically in California and Norway, who buy Tesla vehicles.

In reality, Tesla lives that his goals were impossible, now produces and sells many cars, and is has a powerful effect on the rest of the automotive industry, and Most, if not all, big car manufacturers.

Some critics want you to think that Tesla produces unicorns – that the cars do not actually exist, that they do not replace the sale of many other automakers, that they do not make money for Tesla or take revenues and profits away from petrol / diesel car manufacturers, and that they are basically quiet and invisible fantasy creatures that exist only in the mind of Tesla fanboys. Well, they can be quite close, but they are not invisible fantasies.

There are various reasons to reduce Tesla's enormous performance and effect, but the most important thing is that Tesla actually threatens many other companies, entire industries, trillions of dollars in investment, and countless careers. . Many are afraid to see Tesla succeed – or continues to succeed. But there is no doubt that, if Tesla produced unicorns, it would already have a huge army of them exciting and wonderful world, and bring joy to millions of people.

As I noticed the day, the Tesla Model 3 was the eleventh best-selling car in the United States last year in the form of units sold, the fourth best-selling car in the form of revenue, and the best-selling luxury vehicle (far). Model S was the best-selling large luxury car (far). Model 3 was also the best-selling car in the US in terms of sales in the second half of 2018, and the best-selling vehicle in terms of sales in California in the first quarter of this year. Model 3 is the best-selling vehicle in Norway so far this year and the best-selling luxury vehicle in the Netherlands and Switzerland (near the top of the general charts in the relevant countries). Model 3 had 55,000 more sales in 2018 than the second most sold electric car on the planet. Tesla passed Porsche and Jaguar worldwide sales by the end of 2018.

If these are unicorns, please, little girls all over the world will be very excited about them.

Oh, wait …

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