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Tesla pickup truck potential test mule discovered on conveyor near test facility

An eagle-eyed member of the Tesla community may have just snatched the first picture of a Tesla pickup truck test mule. The observation took place on Wednesday in Ohio, and it involved a truck carrier full of Tesla electric cars, plus a heavily wrapped truck with a Ford F-150 body.

Tesla has used the body of other vehicles for his test mules earlier. Before the company revealed Tesla Semi, a test mule of the electric long-hauler was discovered with what appeared to be a Cascadia truck. A video of the vehicle even showed the known acceleration of the electric truck. Thus, it will not be too surprising if Tesla adopts the same strategy with its pickup truck test mule, using a Ford F-1[ads1]50 vehicle body.

(Photo: streff / Reddit)

Also interesting is that the observation of the camouflaged pickup truck occurred in East Ohio. The area is near Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC), where Tesla is known for conducting vehicle testing. Back in 2017, observations on nearly one hundred model 3 were reported at the TRC facility when the vehicles were tested. Can the mysterious truck and its Teslas be led to (or maybe leave) the test facility? Such a scenario is not impossible.

Along with the mysterious pickup, several Teslas were covered with road dust, dirt and salt. A model 3 on the back of the car holder even had a long rectangular number plate indicating that there was a vehicle designated for Europe (credit to r / TeslaMotors subreddit member u / strike for the car's image).

Elon Musk has stated that Tesla Pickup Truck will be unveiled sometime later this year. Tesla CEO also mentioned that the vehicle will be very futuristic to the point where it will not look in place on the set of the franchise Blade Runner . Musk has also tipped some of the vehicle's features, including an area of ​​400-500 miles per charge, dual-engine AWD, and a 240-volt power tool connection and up to 300,000 pounds of towing capacity.

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Tesla pickup truck potential test mule detected on conveyor near test plant

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