Tesla Pickup Truck: Decoding Elon Musk's teaser

Elon Musk sent the Tesla community to a frenzy with his cryptic teaser of Tesla's forthcoming truck.

This is how people have tried to understand the teaser image:

Yesterday, Musk launched the first teaser image of Tesla's electric pickup truck, which he describes as a "cyberpunk" truck and inspired by Blade Runner.

The image was shown on the screen for a few seconds after the model Y launch but apparently missed it all, so he decided to drop it on Twitter.

It is difficult to understand which part of the Tesla cyberpunk truck we are looking at in teaser:

Shawn Sparling attempted to build a rough 3D model based on his interpretation of the image that is the cap of the Tesla Pickup truck and he sent Electrek a few shots:

The part of the teaser image seems to be longer for a hood , but it may make sense to have a long hood with a large "frunk" for closed cargo. 19659002] Others look at it differently and used a previous picture of a Tesla Semi-based truck that Musk released two years ago.

They think teaser may be at a misleading angle, and it may be the front end of that truck (via you / LukeTospace on Reddit):

While the original image was officially released by Tesla, it was never clear whether a Tesla Semi-based truck would be something that would actually come into production.

Here's another approach to interpreting teaser with a more conventional design (via you / TheAmazingAaron on Reddit):

It's an interesting approach, but it's not my personal favorite.

Here is one that is more of an out-of-box interpretation of the teaser image, but it is actually my favorite so far (via waytomuchsparetime on Reddit):

Redditor believes it would be a more aerodynamic approach to a truck, and it would fit in with Musk's mention of a "cyberpunk" look.

Which is your favorite? Do you have your own interpretation of Tesla truck teaser? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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