Tesla Model Y towing capacity sealed with rear cover plate for hitch receiver

Eagle-eyed participants of the Tesla Model Y event last week noticed something remarkable about the upcoming seven-seat SUV: on the back of the vehicle was the unmistakable view of a cover plate for a hitch receiver. This suggests that like the larger sibling, model X, model Y, will also be a vehicle capable of towing some serious cargo.

Glitter of model Y's back cover plate can be seen on pictures purchased by Teslarati and videos of the vehicle's test tours, including one from the owner enthusiast Daerik . Based on the pictures taken, it will not be too much of a surprise if there is a slot for a hitch receiver behind the cover of the SUV's back.

The following is a picture of model Y's back cover plate.

Tesla Model Y Rope Cover (Photo: DAErik via Youtube)

Including model Y rope gear will probably make the vehicle a bang-for-your-buck SUV that can carry full loads of passengers and a serious load. Model Y is already able to sit up to seven people (although the rear seats indicate that model Y's third row is best for children), but with actual rope gear, the vehicle will probably be even more useful, especially among car buyers who consider the tool. When buying a vehicle.

Tesla currently offers a model X towing package, but not to model 3. This has resulted in some model 3 owners exercising some of their DIY creativity for their sedans to bend payloads. Tesla owns enthusiast Ben Sullins of Teslanomics collaborating in such a project with tech YouTuber JerryRigEverything last year, which resulted in a model 3 rope load that is nearly 2000 pounds. Model 3 in this project was a single engine, RWD variant, indicating that twin-engine variants will have even better rope characteristics.

Elon Musk has mentioned rope gear for model 3 earlier, and mentions in a 2016 tweet that the electric sedan will have an optional towing hook in the future. Tesla is not yet releasing this product at its official store, but with the upcoming model Y model, the company can accelerate the development and deployment of the sedan's towing package as well.

The instantaneous momentum from the electric cars to Tesla's vehicles makes them perfect for transport tasks. Model X is rated to haul as much as 5,000 pounds, but feats of the vehicle over the years show that it can pull so much more. Elon Musk himself demonstrated this when he made a video of the SUV that pulled 250,000 pounds of dirt from a Boring Company tunnel.

Tesla Model Y trolley troubled with hitch back cover plate

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