Tesla Model 3 Blaster in Asia Pacific Region As Configurator Opens For 6 More Countries


Published on May 31, 2019 |

by Kyle Field

31. May 2019 av Kyle Field

Tesla has opened the car configurator for the Tesla Model 3 to a handful of new countries in the large Asia-Pacific region today as it begins to stretch its wings beyond its first Asian beach head in China. Today, customers in Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are now able to jump into the configurator for the first time building their model 3, raising prices in a local currency, and actually ordering.

In China, Tesla cracked up the floodgates as it allowed customers to configure their own Chinese-made Tesla Model 3 for the first time the company hit its operations at its Shanghai Gigafactory 3 pending the first production runs at New factory later in year.

The new Chinese model 3s starts at 328,000 RMB or $ 47,475 USD in today's exchange rate. The first of the Model 3 scrolls of the production lines at Gigafactory 3 is expected to be 2019 model year cars and will have a range of 460 kilometers |

Tesla China entered the dominant social media platform in the Weibo region, announcing that the first model 3 order for the Chinese-made model 3, made within 3 minutes of the new order portal, resides. The company also commented that its website experienced extremely high volumes and asked users to be patient when the first order entry came in.

In the first quarter of 2019, Tesla charged in a handful of Western European countries and China with its model 3 parallel and cast its sense and supply chain stability out of the window. In transit stocks shot through the roof while shipments to many countries were delayed by logistical problems of all shapes and sizes that Tesla was working to define new work processes, understanding the challenges of bringing fully-built vehicles into new regions and beginning to delete delivery hell like followed.

Early second-quarter signs indicate that Tesla has recovered from the clutter that was in the first quarter of 2019, and has established some stability measures in the second quarter. Being Tesla, they do not seem to be well enough alone and continue to push into new markets to educate even more kinks for even more customers around the world with the addition of these new countries.

Later this year, the company's Gigafactory 3 will start up and we can even hear from the company about plans to plant some production roots in Europe with an announcement about the official location of Gigafactory 4.

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