Tesla Model 3 = 60% of US Electric Vehicle Market


Published on April 7, 2019 |

by Zachary Shahan

7. April 201[ads1]9 by Zachary Shahan

When looking at purely electric vehicle sales in the United States, there is a clear take-away – Tesla Model 3 dominates.

Tesla Model 3 has got tens of thousands more consumers per quarter to go electric than any previous electric model could.

Other electric cars have their own appealing qualities – they also attract customers. However, model 3 offers a huge combination of range, features, performance and moderate price. It will be even more true in the second quarter since the model 3's base price recently fell to the mythical $ 35,000 figure.

It's a bit unfortunate that no other electric vehicle models pick up speed to become mass market vehicles. Part of that may be because the Tesla Model 3 sucks away its potential customers, but it is also related to vehicle specifications, range, prices, retailers / sales models, and branding. (As much as Elon Musk may not like the latter term, he is a branding superhero.)

There are some electric models that are not included here, because parent car manufacturers do not report their sales – not even quarterly sales – but I hear that they would just add a sales run to the bottom of the chart.

Overall, only looking at the models in the chart, Model 3 represented 60% of sales, model S 8%, and model X 7%. That said, the two latter estimates are, since we do not actually know how the Model S versus Model X sales broke out globally (we only have their combined sales figures) and we do not know which part of those in the US. The three Tesla models account for 75% of the US electric car market if the estimates are accurate. It is up from 67% in the first quarter of 2018.

Apart from the Tesla models, Chevy Bolt held 11% of the market, Nissan LEAF 7%, and other than that, there is basically nothing to mention.

The only positive non-Tesla news in the first quarter is that LEAF saw its sales rise 5.5% and Volkswagen e-Golf so its sales increase 60%.

Other thoughts?

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