Tesla malfunction locks owners who depended on the signup app, forcing them to encrypt for & # 39; keys & # 39;

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Some Tesla users who depend on the app to get access to their Model 3 are temporarily unable to get into their electric cars on Labor Day.

The Next Web reported that a number of people tweeted out their frustrations on Monday when they were "locked out" of their car due to phone app problems. Downdetector, a tracker for users to report technical difficulties with online services, also showed that many users had problems with the Tesla app.

A Tesla spokesman confirmed to Gizmodo that Tesla's app was temporarily unavailable on Monday, but full functionality was soon restored . Tweets suggest the app was down for at least three hours.

The company made clear that Tesla owners could still access their Model 3 with their physical key fob or key card, which the company encourages owners to carry in case they lose the phone or it dies. Owners could also access and launch their cars via their mobile devices if they had enabled the phone-as-key feature, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to the car and does not depend on the app.

However, Model 3 owners who do not have a key fob or key card, and do not use the phone-as-key feature, and who only use the Tesla-in-app lock and unlock feature that require cellular signals, will temporarily be turned off when the app fails.

To summarize, before the digital age, we had keys. They were made of metal, were unique, and they worked wonderfully. Today, Tesla has four modes of entry, and you need to follow all of them in case your preferred method gets technical difficulties. Is it more difficult than keeping track of your keys? Not necessarily. Is that a sign that not everything needs to be disturbed? One can certainly come up with a good argument for that effect.

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