Tesla makes people guess made-in-China Model 3-price before announcement

Tesla is preparing to announce the award of its Made-in-China Model 3 later this week, but meanwhile, the automaker wants people to guess how much the electric car will cost.

Over the past couple of months, Tesla started selling and delivering model 3 in China, but it has only offered the higher version of the vehicle for sale.

CEO Elon Musk said earlier that Tesla is planning to use its upcoming new production capability in China with Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai to build the lower versions of the vehicle domestically and avoid import tariffs.

Yesterday we reported that Tesla has a mysterious new surprise message coming in China later this week.

Now one day later, the automaker starts a guessing game for the model 3 prize made in China:

The company wrote about the competition on its Weibo account (translated from Chinese on Google):

"The protagonist of" Don't expect " y esterday is the model 3 made in China, click on the O web link and enter your guess for the domestic version of Model 3, you will get clues to "crack" the final price of TA. Forward this Weibo number, invite friends to play together, and everyone will have the opportunity to receive Tesla's special gift on Children's Day! "

According to Bloomberg, Tesla aims to price the made in China model 3 on

Electrek & # 39; s Take [1[ads1]9659010] I expect it means Friday's announcement will be price and availability for a new version of the Model 3 made in China, but I'm still hoping for a potentially slightly different version for the market.

Anyway, it seems a bit early to announce prices and probably start taking orders for a version of the vehicle that does not go into production for at least four months.

It would probably affect Model 3 sales in China in the meantime, although the higher version would not be affected by the new domestic price.

Let's see what this is about on Friday.

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