Tesla launches version 10 of its software as soon as next month with many new features

According to CEO Elon Musk, Tesla will be close to releasing version 10 of its software and it will contain many new features.

Tesla released its version 9 software update in September 2018.

It was Tesla's first complete software version of several years, but now it sounds like the car manufacturer is going to release its next full-number revision, version 10, much faster.

Musk has talked about it since they released version 9 last year, and he said a flow feature and car karaoke is going to be part of the update, but he never said when Tesla planned to release it.

Considering that Tesla previously took a few years before they released full versions, it was not expected to be anytime soon.

However, the CEO said yesterday that the new video streaming capability could come as soon as next month, and later confirmed that it will be part of Tesla's version 1[ads1]0 software, along with many new features.

he said on Twitter :

"The V10 will include multiple games and infotainment features, enhanced autopilot highway, better traffic lights and stop sign recognition and Smart Summon."

Last year, Tesla started to introduce a new paid "premium connectivity" package to support internet features in the growing fleet of the car.

Musk confirmed that "some" of the new "game and infotainment features" to be released in the V10 will require the "premium connectivity" package.

CEO also confirmed that the V10 will include the ability to read and send text messages through voice control:

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