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Tesla Launches Solar Glass (Solar Roof V3) Starting at $ 33,950 for Average Home

Tesla is launching Solar Glass today, a third version of its Solar Roof tiles, which is now cheaper and more beautiful than a concrete roof with solar panels, according to the company.

It now starts at around $ 34,000 after incentives for an average home.

When Tesla launched Solar Roof Tiles in 2017, the automaker said it would begin volume production and installation in 2018.

However, the rollout proved to be much slower and installations have been limited to the homes of some executives and a few customers.

Tesla later delayed volume production until 2019.

CEO Elon Musk said they had to make some changes to the product to ensure it will last for 30 years and become cheaper. [1

9659002] Today, they release version 3 of their sunroof roofs, which they also call & # 39; Tesla Solar Glass & # 39 ;.

The new version of the tiles is cheaper, faster to install and will last longer.

Musk said in the announcement:

"With version 3, we managed to achieve a cost that is less than the average cost plus retrofitting of solar panels."

Tesla now lists a 2000 ft² roof with 10 kW solar roof installed will cost $ 33,950 by incentives:

Tesla expects to be able to rapidly increase production of these new solar tiles in the next few months – resulting in a significant economies of scale and reducing costs.

Musk claims that Tesla can quickly ramp up to produce 1,000 roofs per week at Tesla's Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo.

However, the biggest difference with the latest version of Tesla Solar Roof tiles is that they made it easier to install.

Earlier this year, Electrek gave a first look at Tesla's V3 solar roof roof technology with custom fittings and the first real Tesla Solar Roof quote.

Today, Tesla management confirmed that these luminaires are streamlined with the new version of the sunroof and they reduced the customization and special tools needed to install a sunroof.

When Tesla Solar Roof first said, Tesla said it would take about the same time to install a sunroof as a tile roof installation, which is usually 5-7 days.

We previously reported that Tesla Solar Roof installations were still taking around 2 weeks, which adds to the cost of the product and makes it difficult to scale.

Musk said they focus on significantly reducing the time required to install the tiles.

Tesla is basically running installation contests to install the solar roof as quickly and efficiently as possible at its own plant in Fremont to improve installation time. The CEO sees the potential to get it done in a day with a relatively large crew.

Musk said that Tesla will also work with third-party installers to certify them for solar roofs and expects the program to help expand solar recordings.

The installations are just starting with the existing order backlog, and the company is taking new orders which should start next year.

The CEO said he expects Tesla's Solar Glass to be the best option for people who want a new roof because he thinks it will be the best option that also happens to produce solar energy.

Tesla has been trying to find a way to create product differentiation in the solar room, which is dominated by a few kinds of very solar panels and this new solar chip product is absolutely different.

Earlier this week, Musk said Tesla Energy is becoming a "distributed global tool" through its solar and energy storage business, which he believes is the Coul d outgrow automotive business.

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