Tesla launches Made-in-China Model 3 starting ~ $ 47,500, delivering in 6-10 months

After a week of weird teasers, Tesla is now launching its in-China model 3, and it confirms a starting price of 328,000 yuan (~ $ 47,500) and deliveries of 6-10 months for ordering now. [19659002] Earlier this week, we reported that Tesla has a mysterious new surprise message coming in China later this week.

Later, the automaker also started a guessing game for people to submit expected prices for the model 3 made in China and confirmed that vehicle pre-orders will be opened.

Tesla has now opened pre-orders and confirmed that the first model 3 produced in China will become Standard Range Plus, starting at 328,000 yuan (~ $ 47,500.

The vehicle appears to be identical to that US version, but it is 49,000 yuan (~ $ 7,000 USD) cheaper than the current version of Model 3 available in China and made in the US

The automaker held a launch event and launched these images (via Weibo): [1[ads1]9659007] d778f16cly1g3jr0ucdugj20u10u0gw7 "style =" width: 663px; height: 662px; "data-Latin-src =" .jpg? w = 663 & is-pending-last = 1 # 038; h = 662 & quality = 82 & strip = all & ssl = 1 "srcset =" data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAAAAAAAABAAEAAAAAAA7 "class = "jetpack-lazy-image" />

Electrek & # 39; s Take

A few things to note. [19659003] While the Model 3 Standard Range Plus made in China is significantly cheaper for Chinese than the version currently available in the United States, it is still significantly more expensive than the one offered to US buyers, starting at $ 39,900.

Also "6 to 10 months" sets deliveries by the end of 2019 to early 2020, which is a bit later after Tesla's earlier guided start on production at Gigafactory 3 in early Q4 2019.

I think the timing is more realistic, but the price is a bit disappointing.

The car can now potentially access some EV incentives in China, which can help make it more attractive.

China has recently withdrawn its EV incentives, and it remains unclear whether Tesla buyers will access them to their first vehicle.

We will follow up the situation in the coming months.

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