Tesla is sued for an allegedly defective battery pack that burns in deadly crash

A tragic fatal accident happened last year in a Tesla Model S, returning to haunt the automaker when the family of one of the deceased passengers sues Tesla over what they claim was a defective battery pack that fire and led to the death.

In May last year, two Fort Lauderdale teenagers were killed and one third were injured after the Tesla Model S powered by the 18-year-old Barrett Riley crashed into a concrete wall at 116 mph.

The Vehicle was quickly caught fire after the accident.

Now, Reuters reports that the law firm Corboy & Demetrio in Chicago represents the farm of Edgar Monserratt Martinez, the passenger killed in the accident, in a lawsuit against Tesla.

In lawsuits, they claim that a defective battery pack led to the fire and that Tesla failed to warn buyers of their vehicles with the battery's dangerous condition.

Furthermore, they say that Riley's parents had a speed limiter installed on a Tes let service center two months before the accident, but Riley apparently removed it at another service center without parental knowledge.

After the accident, Tesla released a new speed limiting feature in a software that is updated dedicated to Riley.

Tesla published the following statement on the allegations in the proceedings:

"Our thoughts continue to be with the families affected by this tragedy. Unfortunately, no car could have resisted a high-speed accident of this type. Tesla's Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimit Mode, which allows Tesla owners to limit the car's speed and acceleration, was introduced as an update in the air last year in engagement with the customer's son, Barrett Riley, who tragically died in the accident. "[19659010] Electrek's #

I do not blame the parents for filing this lawsuit since it is difficult to think right when you are grieving, but I do not think there is any evidence of a defective battery pack.

When you collide in a concrete wall at 116 mph, the most likely result is death. I think any other car could also have been taken on fire, electric or not.

When it comes to removing the speed limiter, I admit it sounds strange. The parents were the owner of the vehicle. I do not know how the child could have made Tesla remove it himself, but we do not have all the information.

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