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Tesla is all hands on deck for crazy weekend

Tesla's weekend will be quite insane as they try to deliver an incredible number of cars at the end of the quarter.

The company is all hands on deck, so many foreigners are trying to push deliveries to a new post.

Tesla's record goal

In recent weeks, CEO Elon Musk signaled that Tesla is within reach of a new record quarter for deliveries. But it has some obstacles to overcome.

As we reported earlier this month, Tesla aims to deliver between 33,000 and 36,000 cars in June in North America to break its delivery record.

The company also offers incentives to employees in order to motivate them to reach the goal.

Tesla Q2 201
9 Deliveries

In recent weeks, we have updated the readers with data on the progress of deliveries in North America, as they try to get a record in the quarter.

Earlier this month, we reported that Tesla was on average in nearly 1,000 deliveries per day in the market.

Last week, Tesla's planned deliveries had exceeded 1000 units per day for the first time.

Earlier this week, Tesla reported delivering over 49,000 cars in North America during the second quarter, and it had an additional 12,000 orders to attempt to deliver in the last few days of the quarter.

As Musk confirmed the next day, Tesla has all the orders it needs to achieve the record, but the logistics of getting the vehicles to the customers is the bottleneck.

The CEO urged the employees to go "all out" to achieve a new record quarter.

On Wednesday we went to Tesla Burbank to pick up a model 3 ordered by Scott Buscemi, a videographer who sometimes works with Electrek. Scott ordered a black Standard Range Plus with 18 "aero wheels on June 19 and he was given a delivery date just one week later.

When we arrived in the late afternoon, the party was full of vehicles lined up for deliveries: [19659016] Deliveries are in agreement, and there was a line of about three other people waiting for their paperwork when we got there, and also three other people who completed the paperwork to accept.

Scott had already completed the process at The net, so it only took a few minutes for the final paperwork.

Interestingly, David Imai, one of Tesla's senior designers, took the delivery process for Scott's delivery, and it seems that everyone when Tesla is committed to helping deliveries at the end of the quarter.

Then we came to delivery and inspection. It is done outside the showroom where all the cars are lined up around the building:

First we could not find out why the key did not work e with Scott's Model 3.

There were so many cars that were delivered that Tesla was confused and presented Scott with the wrong black Standard Range Plus with 18 "aero wheels.

They quickly found the right car, and after a quick inspection, everything looked good, except for a small tent on the front fender. 19659002] It couldn't be solved on the spot and of course they would really have people to receive right away so the thing was listed and would be resolved free of charge in an upcoming service agreement.

Scott later found out that the closest deal was available July 9.

We were there for about 45 minutes, and during that time, I saw about a dozen people accepting it and it wasn't slow.

Electrek s Ta

It's nice to see non-retai l or delivery staff helping out in the quarter, which can help their colleagues achieve delivery goals and get their bonuses.

Tesla Burbank was about as busy as I had expected, and I expect things to ramp up further over the weekend.

I still believe that the goal of 33,000 deliveries in North America in June is possible, and I hope they achieve it because retailers and delivery staff deserve these bonuses after what happened earlier this year.

But it's going to be tough, especially since the last day of the quarter happens to be a Sunday, and some states have constraints on car deals on Sunday.

It's going to be a crazy weekend. If you come to a Tesla store this weekend, don't hesitate to send me an update.

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