Tesla increases the reference program by 500% over a limited period

Tesla is now increasing 500 percent for a limited period at the end of the quarter, having completed the benchmark program.

Earlier this year, Tesla completed its original referral program referring to concerns about the cost of having to give away over 80 new roadsters.

Last year, the automaker decided to re-launch the program with a completely different structure based on providing free Supercharging miles and the chance to win a model Y and a new Roadster.

Tesla began giving 1000 miles of free Supercharging to both the owner giving the referral and the new buyer receiving the referral.

Today, the company updated the program to give it a "500% Supercharging boost".

They entered the "Loot box" section of the Tesla app for owners:

"You and anyone using your referral code to buy a Tesla will receive 7,500 free Supercharger kms! On May 28, this comes back to 1[ads1]500 km.

Each reference now gives you five chances to win a Founders Series Model Y or Roadster supercar! Tesla owners who already have free Supercharging get ten chances to win. "

Here is a screenshot of the updated loot box in the Tesla app:

Tesla says that the first Model Y drawing will happen "on / around May 1, 2019" and the first Roadster drawing follows "July 1, 2019."

Electrek's Take

The great thing about this version of the Tesla referral program is that they can increase it without increasing the cost by much.

Increasing the number of chances per referral changes nothing for them since the number of vehicles is given away is the same.

When it comes to Supercharging miles, it definitely has a charge for Tesla, but it's pretty minimal, especially since it's a 12-month limit to using credits, and most Tesla owners don't use the Supercharger network as much .

On the other hand, owners do not seem to refer people much more, but it may be enough for some.

It sounds anyway as an attempt to increase the order at the end of the quarter since late May would give enough time for Tesla to deliver most cars by the end of June.

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