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Tesla Fire In Raleigh raises questions about something else


Published on October 19, 2019 |
by Johnna Crider

19. October 2019 by Johnna Crider

A Tesla fire in Raleigh raises some questions – not about Tesla or its safety, but about the fire itself and the accuracy of the media coverage. One question that some in the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forums and on Reddit ask is whether the fire actually happened at all, pointing to a lack of evidence to show that something actually happened. Maybe it wasn't an actual fire.

I had to do some digging, and I found that it was a fire. However, it may not have been a battery fire (seems like it was not) and it is not the fire I am writing about.

Early in the morning of October 14 WRAL reported that a Tesla fired and that reporters did not know what caused the fire. It started around 3am, and the road the car was on was closed at around 10am. Raleigh police confirmed there were no injuries. The news report seems short, and very straightforward – until you've read it again and realize that they say two different things about the road closure.

The article claimed that this incident caused the roads to be closed for several hours. Nevertheless, the fire also started before 03:00 and the roads were opened again at 04:00. It makes you think it was only an hour or so, not several hours.

 Tesla fire in Raleigh

I called the Raleigh Police Department, which confirmed that it helped the Raleigh Fire Department. I also talked to someone at the Raleigh Fire Department, who gave me a link to the public report. Any other information probably had to be called.

According to the public report, the incident was a vehicle fire and the fire when the fire department got there. It was a Tesla Model 3 from 2018, and the smoke came from the front of the vehicle. They extinguished the fire with a CO2 fire extinguisher and 1,000 liters of water. Model 3 was damaged in the front because it had hit something, causing damage to the vehicle's electrical system.

So the reason for the Tesla Model 3 fire was because the driver had hit something. According to the report, you can also see that the road was not closed for "several hours." The sending time was 02:28, arrival time was 02:34 and "clear time" was 04:05. It's about 1½ hours. From the video you can see that there was hardly any traffic to "disturb", which we could expect at 3am.

Before we go any further, however, let's note that there are far more gasoline cars than EV fires per vehicle on the road, which is logical. Also, a Tesla battery does not fire the car quickly as a gasoline car can often do. Overall, electric vehicles are far safer than gasoline vehicles. But let's get back to this story.

Tesla owners share their thoughts

TMC users shared their thoughts. AlanSubie4Life thought it looked like some kind of debris was hanging on the front wheel. This makes one think that there was probably a type of obstacle in the road that could have caused battery damage. The cabin appeared to be filled with smoke and most of the spraying was done to the battery area.

One user, PearlyP3D said they were driving down the road after this happened and they did not & # 39; Don't see obvious scorched asphalt or signs of fire. “Usually you would at least see some molten plastic or something. The median on this road is a very low island style. There is nothing I can see that I am tall enough to hit the battery pack and peel it open. ”

Reddit users also talked about this accident and TWANGnBANG claims that the entire Raleigh Tesla community has not seen the white Model 3 that was in the news story. In the video, it also shows no fire or visible signs that something was burning – only firefighters spraying with a small amount of water. According to the Reddit user, no one brought it into the service center, and Tesla has not been contacted regarding Model 3.

"Shows that no one in the entire Raleigh TESLA community has seen the white Model 3 in history claim it burned The Model 3 video showed no fire or visible evidence of anything burning – only firefighters who sprayed the front pan with a small amount of water, no one brought it into the service center, and neither has TESLA contacted anyone about it. head scraper, but it is extremely unlikely that the battery was involved in the fire at all, and it is even possible that the Model 3 was not damaged by what happened initially. Not sure we will ever get more info on this time, but I will say that if we do not, it will be clear that this is not not a case of a Model 3 battery fire at all. ”- TWANGnBANG

DrDabbles said that seemed more likely that Model 3 ran something and pulled it – and got it fired. Or maybe they hit something that punctured the pack. They also assume that the fire department threw it out of caution – and that you'll never hook a burning EV up to a tow truck or flatbed.

"Just saw that video. If that car's package caught fire, and it is incredibly unlikely that it did, the fire department must be retrained. It seems more likely that the car was driving something and dragging it too little caused what that thing was to light up, or maybe they hit something that punctured the flock. It is conceivable that the FD who answered only threw it out of caution. But you will certainly never want to connect a burning EV to a tow truck or flat bet. Ever. ” —DDDabbles

The best news in this scenario is that no one was injured in the accident and the fire was extinguished quickly. There is also hope that there was minimal damage to Model 3.

There is not much information about this fire, but one thing we do know is that a Tesla-related fire will basically always make the news – usually portrayed as if The Tesla itself was to blame. In many cases of car fires, it is usually the driver or some kind of driver-related accident that causes these fires. The vehicle manufacturer often fails to become aware. The question this fire raises is just how fair Tesla is being treated during these events.

In the tweet above if we replace " Kia, Hyundai " with " Tesla ," imagine what would happen. The stock would fall, and we would see articles that not only threaten Tesla, but scorn the CEO. The shorts would have a field day – at the expense of Tesla employees, shareholders and those affected by the accidents. Here's another:

And another:

Think about the headlines were about Tesla. Tesla card sellers would publish hundreds of tweets a day, stock would tank, claims of Tesla's imminent bankruptcy would be all over TV news programs. So the core question is, why is Tesla being treated so differently?

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