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Tesla enters "Whistleblower Hell" – The Drive

Friday, July 19, Tesla sent whistleblower Karl Hansen a civil lawsuit in Nevada against Elon Musk, the company and others for violating the Sarbanes Oxley Act, Intentional Interference of Business Relations and Contract Violations.

Hansen, a former senior Maritime Commission senior researcher, says he continues to provide investigative assistance to former colleagues, which means that "whistleblower luck" can soon join "production luck" and "service luck" in the Tesla encyclopedia – – Not only in connection with allegations of retaliation against whistleblowers, but in a ramp of whistleblower claims against the company.

Come for comment, Hansen commented:

"It has taken a long time to come to this point and I remain stable, regardless of any financial outcome. The only thing we are guaranteed to take to our tomb is our name. I have used a career of integrity and will not be idiotic when someone like Elon Musk drives over others because he happens to be a billionaire. "

Speaks to his experience in the 1[ads1]0 months leading up to Friday's lawsuit The military service man added:

"Although this has been and continues to be one of the most devastating experiences of my life, it is important for people to do the right thing, even if it means doing it alone. If you stay long in the arena, even people will notice it, and the right people will notice your courage and will support you. "

(Hansen launched a GoFundMe campaign for support. June. The platform is in two other Tesla developments from the past week. The Twitter user Skabooshka, against whom Tesla canceled his request for temporary retention on Friday, had had a GoFundMe campaign to cover their legal costs. Topics by Lora Kolodny's extensively investigated July 15 report on working conditions in Tesla's collection line – Maggie and Carlos Aranda – have also launched a GoFundMe campaign.]

A Tesla representative was contacted for comment late Friday but had not responded at the time of publication. If the company chooses to respond to, their response will be included.

Problematic pattern

Hansen's claim entails that Elon Musk, through Tesla, got his later employer to hand over him and then eliminate his position, breach of his contract of employment (Teller I and II).

P Due layman wrong interpretation, see the allegations as allegations by the Labor Federation in June on behalf of employees at Tesla's Buffalo-factory, the company disturbed former employees work to find work. Business Insider quotes the edited lawsuit, in which the plaintiffs claim Tesla "intentionally interfered with efforts to seek employment with other employers in retaliation for the stated union."

In count III, Hansen further claims that Musk and Tesla's leadership actively concealed and participated in defaults, including espionage on employees – illegal surveillance is also alleged in the above-mentioned Buffalo case – erroneous contracts, and thefts are orchestrated by organized crime.

Pc. 16 to 19 in the lawsuit identifies thefts ranging between $ 37 and $ 150 million, along with links to a Mexican drug cartel. (Pablo Escobar's brother recently claimed $ 100 million in cash or Tesla Musk shares to spell his flamthrower idea, but Escobars is Colombian.)

In paragraph 22, Hansen suggests that a Tesla employee was terminated after having reported the theft of $ 13,000 copper led to law enforcement, foreshadowing Hansen's own dismissal from the company shortly after briefing the management about his findings in criminal activities taking place (paragraph 23).

These cases of "firing the messenger" are painfully similar to the requirement of a former Tesla Director of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability that they were fired after reporting security breaches and an assembly worker's earlier claim that they were fired after having reported anti-gay harassment.

More recently, a lawsuit was filed in a district of Nevada in June where the plaintiff, a former Tesla employee, claimed that a sexual assault occurred on the company's premises; that they escalated the problem to no avail; and were later subjected to retaliation from their supervisors. The lawsuit further claims that after the plaintiff had found Musk's personal phone number and sent a text explaining what had happened to them in the workplace, they were terminated the next day.

While Tesla had responded to the above cases, the company had not responded to the June lawsuit. A representative of the company had been contacted in mid-June for comment, but was informed a week later about delays at the author's end so that their responses could wait. Follow-up messages were sent Monday and Wednesday this week. (The publishing of the Hansen lawsuit on Friday then changed the content, publication and scheduled timeline of this scheduled article.) All this said, is understandable that Tesla's communications team would be flooded with media requests, given Elon Musk's great interests and stardom.

Whistleblower retaliation took place in the high profile case of Martin Tripp; After Tesla had identified him as the source of a Business Insider article, Tesla's security team gave a political tip that they had received an anonymous call that Tripp planned for a mass shooting at the Nevada factory where he had worked. That night, when the police confronted the tearful, unarmed Tripp, he expressed his horror of Musk; they concluded that Tripp was no threat, which meant that he had been subjected to a "swatting". With reference to the Bloomberg article,

"… as accounts of police, former employees, and documents produced by Tesla's own internal investigation, Musk revealed to destroy [Tripp]."

Forgery of Messenger also followed an April survey at Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting to Tesla in the workplace, claiming that Tesla had underreported injuries, apparently to improve his safety statistics, which had been burned. (As mentioned in paragraph 7 of the article, Tesla did not respond to Reveal's questions to the story.)

One of CIR's sources claims that shortly after the investigations were filed a complaint against her to the relevant medical board and an anonymous It was called to the State Child Welfare Services which claimed that she neglected her children and that they had to be placed in the state. The source trusted,

"I'm not sure if I knew [what retaliation would come] that I would have made the same choice. I'm not going to risk everything in my life. I thought I could report it and someone would stop it That happened to the workers. "

On their own, every claim is inextricably disturbing. The collective image they paint is of a culture where the bearers of bad news are banished. And with Musk he is not just a micro-manager, but a proud self-service nano leader, it becomes challenging to claim that the culture took shape without taking notice, giving consent or nodding approval.

An exponential ramp Worth Curbing

In light of Hansen's revelations of surveys on behalf of other whistleblowers, it seems that several such case movements will probably surface. In fact, recent years have increased the exponential increase not only in car production, but also in legal archives against Musk, Tesla and its solar fields, formerly called SolarCity. The chart below, which runs until mid-June, comes from

It would be unfair to display Tesla's legal docking stations without giving readers any connection with other car manufacturers. So here are links to's website of historical legal docking stations for Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Toyota Motor North America and Volkswagen AG respectively.

In a moment, many recent applications against Tesla appear to be claims for guarantees that are not honored or contractors are not paid. One can hope that – beyond the baked-in "whistleblower luck" comes from litigation based on Tesla's alleged actions to date – future moves may be limited to "only" financial disputes such as these, or even more preferably settled before reaching court.

Tesla's employees, suppliers, customers and many beginners deserve nothing less than for the company to mature in a copy of ESG (environment, social, governance) principles. While such a journey may require a cultural revolution, the reward for pursuing the "ESG Heaven" will allow the company to leave its "whistleblower success" days after.

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