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Tesla violated national labor laws as it unfairly prevented workers from uniting, a California district court judge ruled Friday.

The ruling, which is likely to be appealed, was first reported by Bloomberg. Tesla has not responded to a request for comment. TechCrunch will update the article if Tesla responds.

The carmaker and CEO Elon Musk was ordered by Judge Amita Baman Tracy to take several measures to remedy the violations, including reinstating and reimbursing a fired union employee. The judge also instructed Musk to hold a meeting and read aloud the findings of factory employees to inform them that the NLRB concluded that the company had broken the law.

From the Order:

I recommend that respondent be ordered to summon its employees and have Elon Musk (or, if he is no longer CEO, a senior executive), in the presence of security guards, managers and supervisors, a Board member and agent 1[ads1]5 in the Union, if the Region and / or Union so wishes, read the notice to employees, or, at the Respondent's choice, allow a Board Member, in the presence of Musk, to read the notice to the employees at the Fremont plant.

NLRB Although he was able to determine that Tesla violated the law, he has a limited reach, Bloomberg noted. For example, the NLRB cannot hold the executive personally liable and cannot assess punitive damages.

The warrant, published Friday, found that Musk and Tesla had violated the Labor Relations Act by suppressing attempts to organize a union at Fremont's company. Calif., Factory. The judge ruled that Tesla violated labor laws when it created rules that prevented workers outside the service from distributing unions that organized brochures in the Fremont parking lot, unfairly dismissed two workers and questioned employees about their union activities. The judge also ruled that Musk's own tweets violated the law when he hinted that workers connected would have to give up company-paid stock options.

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