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Tesla allows service staff in "restructuring", saying there is still a growing number of employees

We were surprised to hear from sources that Tesla added some service team staff in several places today because the automaker claims to be focused on expanding its service coverage.

In response, Tesla Electrek said that they are still expanding the service and the employees were deleted in a "restructuring" by the service department.

Today, well-known sources were known to Electes that Tesla fired many servants across the United States.

We contacted Tesla about the situation and a spokesman said they "reorganized some roles":

The company sent us the following statement:

"Tesla expands the service headquarters substantially in literally every country in which we operate. service a top priority for Tesla, and we make many improvements as we expand our mobile service offerings and streamline the experience for customers, part of which includes reviewing our business to ensure that we operate as efficiently as possible and shift any roles or moves Employees for new positions that better support the service organization. We will continue to hire more service technicians and grow this area of ​​business. "

It is unclear how many employees have been affected by this" restructuring "at this point.

A source told Electrek that Tesla took away the opportunity for customers to call local service centers directly and push for customers to order all service directly online or via Tesla mobile app, which Tesla launched last year.

The car manufacturer launched a new status for updating live service through the mobile app earlier this year.

These initiatives are aimed at reducing the workload of the service centers and can explain the employees being released.

Recently, Tesla has made several statements about expanding the service after CEO Elon Musk admitted a "stupid oversight of Tesla's service cover.

Musk especially said during Tesla's shareholder meeting earlier this week:

" The key is when you buy a car, you buy freedom. Freedom to travel. You must have Superchargers. You need high-speed charging, and if the car breaks down, it must be quickly released. I'm actually very excited about our mobile service. We have mobile service vans that will arrange your car as soon as it breaks down. It will immediately send a note to the Tesla mobile service and it will be on the way to fixing the car. We tried it in the Bay Area and have now expanded it to the LA area and a number of others for tire repair. The cart comes, gives you a new deck in half an hour, and you're on your way. It makes a big difference. We add things like bumper repair and collision repair. If I look at the things that most people are having trouble with, the thing that collision repair takes forever and a third-party body shop charges an arm and a leg after taking forever. We move a lot of body repair internally at Tesla, and even deliver it on mobile service. We just made our first bumper replacement from the mobile service van. A collision repair can usually take weeks or months, and in this case it took less than an hour. "

Tesla has rolled out mobile service vans for a while now and it says it adds more technicians. 1[ads1]9659002] The company also launched its own" Body Repair Centers "to solve the problem of long repair times after collisions as described by Musk. [19659002] Over the past few months, the automaker has also opened several service centers in the United States

Electrek's Take

It may be too early for Tesla to start getting rid of employees in my opinion.

If I understand that they think they have found other solutions to replace their roles, these employees have more responsibilities in service and they were already overworked.

I find it hard to believe that their absence will have a positive impact on

However, Tesla appears to be committed to hiring more technicians, which seems to be the most needed to improve Tesla's current service capacity. [19659002] What do you think, let us know in the comment section below.

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