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Teen shares PB Bonanza With Furloughed Workers


A 15-year-old boy in Virginia received his 15-minute fame last year when he earned a lifetime supply of peanut butter from the Lidl supermarket chain by securing 72,000 retweets of this I-Love-Peanut butter post . (Author Neil Gaiman helped his case, notes WTOP.) Now, however, Eric McKay from Woodbridge is back in the news, thanks to his gesture of furloughed federal workers. (His own father is one.) Eric has decided to share his bounty with unpaid workers, reports CBS News. This week, he and his mother gave glass to a Lidl store in Dumfries, Va., And workers who couldn't handle it could pick up three jars if they stopped alone. (Commerce chief Wilbur Ross takes note of his comments on furloughed workers.)

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