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Target is aimed at shoppers looking for "clean" products with a new brand

Target hopes to accommodate the amount of buyers who come to their website and stores today looking for "clean and natural" products that they can feel good about buying, putting on the body and spraying in the air.

"It has taken over a year , "to bring Eversp Ring to life, Christina Hennington, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of Target's Essentials category, said." From procurement to packaging … we had to re it right. … We hired the right skills to ensure that the chemical quality was up to expectations. "

The Everspring line is unique to Target, at least of the elements ̵

1; be it cleaning wipes, dishwashing liquid or a versatile cleaning agent – are either bio-based meaning that they are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural products, marine and forest materials, or they are made from recycled materials and natural fibers, according to the company, using 100% natural scents to create fragrance combinations such as mandarin and ginger, and lavender and bergamot, and they are not tested on animals.

"The consumers who seek this transparency of chemicals … are educated about what is right for them and their family … it's a younger consumer," said Hennington. "But you can't say it all over the line. There are some of all ages who care about what is happening on their body and in their body. "

Today, 70% of customers consider the environmental impact of the things they & # 39 buy again when shopping, According to a recent study by AT Kearney released on Monday on Earth Day, but only about 52% of merchants have actually changed their buying decisions to buy in more sustainable brands, and typically cited higher costs for those items as an obstacle, the study found.

Target said its "naturals" category – consisting of elements from "pure" brands such as Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation and Method – has grown double-digit on an annual basis since 2016. By seeing this increased demand on the site and in The stores, Target wanted to take a bigger stake in the room.

Everspring-branded products range in price from $ 2.79 to $ 11.99, which is about 20 percent less than other comparable products on the market today. said Target, they will be marketed rt with a new "Target Clean" icon that was launched by the retailer earlier this year, which indicates that a product is made without a group common unwanted chemicals natriumlaurethsulfat or propyl. Target is embarking on the logo of some household items, beauty products, personal care and baby items.

"We listen to our guests … and do our homework to know what their expectations are," Hennington said.

Additionally, if Target can win buyers in the household business – with brands like Everspring – these people will probably end up adding other items to their shopping carts. "This category plays a role in triggering the trip," Hennington explained. "Guests often choose Target for the things they often buy … So they shop the rest of the store."

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