Target is a miserable weekend: Store has several technical issues that say they were not related to Saturday's

"Like many other companies, Target has used NCR as a provider to accept payments, and on Sunday afternoon, NCR experienced a problem at one of their data centers," Target said.

Target ( TGT ) said the problem was solved on Sunday night and that it was not related to security. It was also stated that "no payment information was compromised at any time."

NCR could not be reached for comment Sunday night.

  Target registers online again after widespread outbreak

Target also acknowledged his customers' weekend trials in a brief excuse.

"We know that many guests had a frustrating shopping experience in our stores this weekend," Target said. "For that we are really sorry."

The last outbreak did not go unnoticed online.

"Still having problems on Sunday at @Target in Minneapolis," wrote a Twitter user . [19659011] "# targetoutage continues in Cedar Rapids! No card will scan other than gift cards and you have to pay money." wrote another .
Sunday's problem came one day after the company's cash registers suffered a two-hour system outbreak. That two-hour outbreaks were due to "internal technology problems."

Target said Sunday's event was not linked to Saturday's issue. The company has 1800 locations in the United States and a presence in India.

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