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Target customers enter after some Vineyard Vines items sell quickly

Shoppers flooded Target's website and stores on Saturday to get their hands on the Vineyard Vines collection, but many of the designer pieces were already sold out online within an hour of launch.

Limited time collection went on sale online at about 3 am Saturday, giving customers the opportunity to trade with the high expected collaboration before the stores opened.

"# vineyardvinesForTarget is here! Shop this limited time collection now," Target tweeted 20 minutes after the official launch began.

Within an hour, however, many of the items were already sold out. More people responded to the Target's tweet slamming company to "not sit" the items right after experiencing a similar problem in 201

5 when retail giant's Lily Pulitzer collaboration was sold out in minutes.

"Ummm, how's everything sold out? You knew this was going to be a big one, but once again you didn't make it right," a woman tweeted, while another shopper said, "Post 19 minutes after there drops … where everything is most sold out. "[19659002]" I will loooooove to but literally say every thing that it is not available for delivery to my address. Why? "Another user asked.


Retail giant attempted to cope with the disappointment of tweeting from his "Ask Target" Twitter guest service account and assuring customers that they had the opportunity to purchase the goods at one of their stores . The representatives also urged customers to "continue to check back for updates as goods can be returned both in stores and online."

"We've heard the over-whale-ming excitement for our #vineyardvinesForTarget collection! Many items are out of stock now. Did you know the collection is also available in stores this morning? We hope you will stop for a great summer style! "Wrote a customer service representative.

"Our collaboration tends to be very popular, and it seems that some things went pretty fast. This collection will be available in all Target stores while the supplies last. Items returned or canceled or not previously used to fulfilling orders, may become available again, "another representative tweeted when a user asked if the collection would be resumed.

Customers also reported waiting in long lines in the stores, only to find many of the must-have items were already gone. On Sunday morning, more than 9,500 items from the collaboration were sold on eBay.

"Wow @Target I queue for over an hour and am told that they did not get any Vineyard Vine plus size items in this store. Security Last Change % Chg TGT TARGET CORP. 70.89 +0.11 + 0.16%

Another person tweeted, "And I thought nothing could increase Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target for too many years page to see today's lines of @vineyardvines collaboration #vineyardvinesForTarget. "

More than 300 items – from clothing to women, men, kids and babies, to pet accessories, home decor and kitchen supplies – were available for sale and prices ranged from $ 2 to $ 120. Most of the items in the collection cost $ 35 and below, compared to the usual Vineyard Vines price usually starting at $ 50 or more for clothing.


The collection will be on sale until the 13th li while the supply lasts.

This is not the first time Target has collaborated with well-known fashion brands. Lilly Pulitzer, Missoni, Alexander McQueen and Justin Timberlake William Rast also sold collections at Target.

Fox Business & # 39; Kathleen Joyce contributed to this report.

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