Take a look at Starbucks & # 39; Newest Reserve Roastery in Chicago

Chicago's "Magnificent Mile" will soon have another attraction.

The largest ever Starbucks, located inside Crate & Barrel's former flagship location on Michigan Avenue, opens its doors on Friday. The Reserve Roastery's 35,000 square feet and five floors contain three coffee shops, a cocktail bar and a craft bakery and café.

The Chicago location is the company's sixth roster. Other locations include Tokyo, New York and Milan. Each roaster is much larger than a typical cafe and is designed to honor the city's culture and history.

Starbucks spokeswoman Maggie Jantzen said average Roaster customers spend three to four times more money than a typical Starbucks cafe. Roasteries can see on average more than 8,000 visitors per day.

Take a look inside:

Largest coffee bean bowl

In addition to being the largest cafe ever, the Chicago Roastery will also host its highest cask. Freshly roasted coffee beans will rest in the 56-foot-tall bronze container before being used in drinks.

Curved escalator

According to Starbucks, Chicago Roastery also has the first curved escalator in the Midwest. Customers want a 360-degree view of the roasting and brewing process that happens on the ground floor as the escalator leads them around the burner's coffin to the second floor.

Unique drinks ̵[ads1]1; and gelato

The fourth floor holds a bar dedicated to barrel-aged beverages. Non-alcoholic coffee drinks that will be available include a cold brew aged in whiskey barrels and mulled spiced coffee.

Cocktails made by local mixologists will also be available on the fourth floor of Roastery's Arriviamo Bar.

At the third floor's Experiential Coffee Bar, customers can eat liquid nitrogen gelato. Chicago Reserve Roastery will be the only American place to offer the goodies.


Artwork from local artists decorates the interior of the store. Artist Eulojio Ortega painted a mural that spans the staircase's staircase across all five floors that pay tribute to coffee farmers and the regions where the beans are grown and harvested.

Since January, Starbucks shares have gained 29%, increasing their market value to nearly $ 99 billion. The company has benefited from improved customer traffic in its US cafes and sales growth in the same store in China.

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