Take a look at McDonald's new Times Square flagship

On Thursday, McDonalds opens a new flagship in Times Square, which is expected to be the busiest in the United States

. The place shows the modern updates that McDonalds has brought to their American stores. It boasts digital menu boards, 18 self-service kiosks and on-board wireless mobile charging stations.

The high-tech upgrades are part of the strategy of sales by bringing customers back to their stores. The renovation is intended to improve the convenience of the customer and modernize the appearance of the restaurants.

McDonalds originally planned that all renovations in the US should be completed by 2020, but pushed the deadline back to 2022. By 201[ads1]8, McDonald's used $ 1.4 billion to remodel around 4,500 restaurants. This year, spending is expected to fall to around $ 1 billion to upgrade 2,000 locations.

On the quality of results in the quarter, managers said that it finally saw a "net positive impact" from store renovations that made it necessary

Here's a look at the new flagship:

Self-order kiosks

Self-order kiosks in McDonald's Times Square- flagship location.

Source: McDonald's

When customers go into placement, the sight of self-order kiosks greet them. Employees are also available to take orders and payment.

Two stairs

Stairs inside McDonald's Times Square flagship

Source: McDonalds

Times Square looks at about 50 million visitors annually. Prior to such high demand, McDonald's has three floors – and plenty of seating.

Second floor

Sitting on the second floor of McDonald's Times Square flagship site.

Source: McDonalds

On the other floor, self-order kiosks are also available to order some forgotten things.

Third floor

Sitting on the third floor of McDonald's Times Square flagship.

Source: McDonalds

The interior is modern, simple look meant to contrast with the flashing billboards and outside outside of Times Square, according to Max Carmona, McDonald's senior manager of American restaurant design. The outside of the glass gives customers a great view of that activity.

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