T-Mobile merger may require you to create a competitor

While the FCC commissioner Ajit Pai is ready to recommend approval of a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, the Ministry of Justice has allegedly been convinced. Now, Bloomberg reports that one thing the two could do to convince non-named "top" officials is to "lay the groundwork" for a new national wireless operator. In previous years, the Justice Department has turned to see the national wireless market under the four main options, so it is a surprise to see that this is a condition, but it may not be one they are willing to meet.

The Report's Source Question The Ministry of Justice's antitrust manager Makan Delrahim is particularly convinced of the requirement that the two combinations would make for a stronger third player against AT&T and Verizon. These concerns helped AT & T attempt to take over T-Mobile in 201[ads1]1 and a previous merger attempt by these two in 2014. Finally, an analyst suggests interviewing that a fourth alternative might come from a cable company that combines the spectrum owned with a virtual network deal – similar to Comcast's Verizon-powered mobile service. It is unclear if any of this will happen, but if it doesn't, we can look at another failed attempt when the deadline passes on July 29.

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