T. Boone Pickens & # 39; spread ranch from Texas listed for $ 250 million

T. Boone Pickens 100 square mile Mesa Vista Ranch is not just a home.

The sprawling Texas Panhandle estate represents close to 50 years of dedication from Pickens, the oil magnate who died Wednesday at the age of 91. He shaped the ranch into "a wildlife paradise with spectacular water features and enhancements suitable for a king," according to Hall's entry and Hall. It is on the market with a quotation price of $ 250 million.

The 64,809-acre property's main gathering area is the 25,000-square-foot cabin, which has a suite with master bedroom, at least three fireplaces, a library with a spiral staircase, 30-seat theater, wine cellar and more, according to the listing.

Mesa Vista Ranch comes with multiple homes for its $ 250 million listing price (Credit: Hall and Hall)

It is also a separate 6,000 square foot family home, built in 2009, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The interior is finished with oak flooring and accent beams, and the living room is complemented by around 2,500 square feet of verandas and patios.

A two-story rustic pub has a games room, bathroom, kitchenette and fitness area, plus two sleeping areas and a fireplace.

The ranch improvements are spread over 100 square miles. (Credit: Hall and Hall)

A free standing gun room offers another lounge, bathroom and kitchenette, as well as storage for rifles, shotguns, ammunition and other hunting equipment.

The chapel has stone columns and a wooden framed roof. It has an adjoining memorial garden and a stepped waterfall.

The chapel was built in 2007. (Credit: Hall and Hall)

There is another residence in the gatehouse, which consists of two floors plus a partial basement and an attached two-car garage and deck. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a living area decorated with fireplace.


The gatehouse is located near the ranch's golf course.

The ranch has its own golf course, among other recreational features. (Credit: Hall and Hall)

Further out from the cabin station, the ranch's 11,500-square-foot lake house has a front door that previously belonged to Bing Crosby and vaulted oak roofs. Upstairs there is a great room with fireplace, dining room, master suite, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and elevator. Home in a stone spiral staircase imported from France, the home includes two guest rooms, three bathrooms, a wine cellar and other areas.

The water features of the property include waterfalls and other scenic areas. (Credit: Hall and Hall) [19659005] The lake's 3,800-square-foot verandas and patios overlook the lakes, ponds, waterfalls and aqueducts.

Pickens led the establishment of a 12-mile network of water through the ranch estate. (Credit: Hall and Hall)

The Canadian River flows along the northern boundary of the ranch, and Pickens made many improvements to create a 12-mile network of streams, lakes, waterfalls and ponds. There are also many quail and deer feeders. These features have helped make the property fantastic for hunters, with white deer, antelope, pigeon, turkey and waterfowl found there, in addition to what Pickens is said to have described as "the world's best quail hunting."

T. Boone Pickens is said to have claimed that the ranch had "the world's best quail hunting." (Credit: Hall and Hall)

Potential buyers might be asking, "How do I get to this amazing ranch?" The property has its own airport with a 6,000 foot long runway and a hangar large enough for several private planes plus living space for a couple of pilots.

The ranch's private airport can handle several private aircraft. (Credit: Hall and Hall)

Pickens maintained a herd of between 400 and 500 cows on the ranch, but many areas have not been grazed for 20 years or longer, according to the listing.

The property also comes with water rights for most of the land, plus royalties for mineral interests.


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