Suspected object & # 39; ask for asphalt escape at Newark Airport

A flight at Newark Liberty International Airport was evacuated on the asphalt on Saturday morning after an airline discovered something "suspicious".

A flight attendant at JetBlue Flight 573 found some form of suspected element at 7:45 pm, "contacted the Port Authority Police, said PA's spokesman Rudy King. King could not give details of the suspicious item.

Video posted on Twitter showed a line of police cars in an area near the gates and a bus that took up to take passengers to the terminal.Other social media posts showed the luggage spread out on the ground below the plane.

A JetBlue spokesman confirmed that the plane was scheduled to travel from Newark to Tampa, Florida, about 150 passengers were on board the Airbus A320

The passengers were taken to the port, King said, and the plane is being investigated by PAPD K9. The luggage will be revised

The Federal Aviation Administration's website said that traffic at the country's most delayed airport experienced a "street hold", which means that all aircraft were held at the gates instead of being allowed to taxi to the runway. e.

Additional reporting by Stephanie Pagones

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