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Stockforecaster calling 2018 & # 39; panic event & # 39; get ready for the next

Congratulations Lunar New Year – this is for the pig.

And this year it will be a "good year to make money and invest", says thechinesezodiac.org. Shoot if you want, but in China, a pig means luck, happiness, wealth wealth, etc. So by the end of the year, we should all say things like "Some pig!" And.

In the more immediate future, we may have some unlucky Alphabet investors after some revenue, but futures are ready to shake it when Nasdaq aims to exit the bear market links:

Enjoy the tailwinds while they last say our call of the day from cool Montreal, where Yves Lamoureux, president of macroeconomic research firm Lamoureux & Co., has an update on a prescient call he made in autumn.

First, some background. In January 2016, Lamoureux predicted that Dow would have a top 25,000 within three or four years, as it did at the beginning of last year. The rest of 2018 saw the index move back and forth over the large level. In October, he predicted that Dow would eventually hit 40,000, but there was an expectation that a major "panic event" would occur only when he warned investors to stay out of stock in 2019.

His new conversation has to do with the "big panic event," round 2: "The shock we had in November, December was the first shock and the market realized we were floating too high and [markets] had to come back. There is another drop coming, which will create tremendous opportunity, "he said in a Monday interview with MarketWatch.

Lamoureux believes that other shakeout will happen in the next six months, with a decline in China and / or a yuan devaluation a few things he thinks might trigger a withdrawal. He says 21,000 for Dow would send him on a stock-shopping spree.

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In his opinion, some stocks should be much lower than they are, and the indices do not quite tell truth that can be found by Take a closer look at the charts, such as the one showing the billions lost in the Apple Market Cover

AAPL, + 2.84%

and Nvidia




He says that the first big drop, like the one seen last year, tends to get investors to question the market, but don't panic, find something calming when stocks bounce.

"If we ever get a drop, you get ridiculous prices … reductions from the top. That's what creates the next buying opportunity," says Lamoureux, who is ready when he came out of stocks 100% in January. [19659002] He suggests that portfolios should reduce stock exposure and say that investors should have some cash ready and not tied up elsewhere, such as bonds, because when the big drop happens again, everything will go down.

Last word goes to Joel Kruger, currency strategist at LMAX Exchange, who has something here and now perspective on the market: "We believe the paradigm has moved into 2019 and a stock market that had once been a purchase of dips for higher low and higher heights is now a Sell ​​in collections for lower heights and lower downs.

"Although true investors have found consolation in Fed's more cautious prospects, we do not think this will be enough to compensate for the fact that monetary accommodation tools have been exhausted after the 2008 crisis and the investor's immunity to reduced risk is not anymore what it once was, "he said.

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YMH9, + 0.39%

S & P 500

ESH9, + 0.21%

and Nasdaq

NQH9, + 0.42%

futures move up. Nasdaq

COMP, + 1.15%

led the way higher on Monday, with Dow

DJIA, + 0.70%

and S & P 500

SPX, + 0.68%

also closes.

Check out more in Market Snapshot

The Dollar

DXY, + 0.06%

is up, gold


can face a third straight loss, and raw


is lined up.

Opinion: Bullish gold investors now have concern

Europe stocks

SXXP, + 0.82%

is higher. Much of Asia is on holiday, but Aussie shares

XJO, + 1.95%

took off after the central bank left prices unchanged.


Tailwinds for this stock market? We have them. Our charts of the day compliments The Daily Shot, which gives up this couple that shows how many investors any time, but shares right now:

First up, TD Ameritrade Investor Movement Index, which shows The levels of enthusiasm for stock of individual investors look quite depressed lately:

Next is a Bank of America Merrill Lynch chart showing a fairly high level of money in government bonds, which tend to be considered a port in times of economic uncertainty, which is not lacking right now:


Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and a couple of other Fed officials ate with POTUS and State Secretary Steven Mnuchin at the White House. But not hope, because the only juicy thing about it was the steaks.


GOOGL, + 2.04%

is dinged after the results showed a earnings blow – driven by a mysterious investment gain – but also a huge jump in Google's spending.

Elsewhere, Archer Daniels

ADM, -0.89%

results disappointed while BP

+ 0.12%

BP, + 4.36%

fluctuated into a forecast and investors think so.

After Tuesday's closing, we get results from Snap Snapshot Parents

SNAP, + 0.29%

who had some trouble with the helm in early 2019, which could make for an interesting conference call. Disney

DIS, + 0.45%

will also report late.


GSK, -0.15%

and Merck KGaA

MRK, + 0.55%

has announced a $ 42.3 billion immunotherapy agreement.

POTUS is ready to nominate one of the World Bank's greatest critics to lead it. Meanwhile, federal prosecutors have ordered Trump's introductory committee to hand over documents, in a probe over donors and expenses.


Collection data comes with the trade balance in December, followed by PMI Markit services and the ISM nonmanufacturing index.

So at 9 am We get POTUS's EU address, where we could get a decision on a wall crisis date and the North Korea summit. Some say looking at the speech to wedge a wedge between the Republicans.

Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Happier Days

$ 68 Billion – It is the gain in the online value of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos since the presidential election in 2016. If the POTUS is worth $ 2.8 billion, so e-commerce mogul is worth about 23 Trumps, says The Heisenberg Report.

Everett Collection

I, reporter

"One thing I've noticed is that our AI-written articles have zero typos." – It was Warren St. John, Patch CEO , nationwide news service covering local news on 10% of its AI-powered articles. He was quoted in a recent New York Times report – "The Rise of Robot Reporter."

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